Paiste 16" Formula 602 Paperthin Crash

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Weight: extra thin
Volume: soft to medium loud
Stick Sound: washy
Intensity: fairly lively
Sustain: medium

Sound Character: Warm, silvery, airy with a mystical touch. Medium wide range, fairly complex mix. Very soft, papery feel. Very responsive. A graceful crash cymbal for delicate, sensitive playing with light sticks, brushes, rods and hands. Well suited for mallet rolls

The overall feel of the 16" and 18" Paperthin is inimitable. One senses almost no resistance when striking these ultra light crashes. The Paperthins respond immediately with the warm, pure sound and they fade as quickly as they build up. For hand playing they release a lively and discreet crash sound. These cymbals are highly recommended when warmth and transparency are more important than volume.

SKU: PA60216PT

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